Causes Of Our Aging Skin

Have you ever wondered what causes our skin to age? There are many things that cause our skin to age. And we cannot do anything about it. We can also influence our aging process faster.

There are things we cannot change, like our natural aging process. As we age, everyone else will get visible lines on our face. We lose our face’s youthful fullness and it is natural. Try looking at your skin as you age, it is becoming thinner and drier. Our “genes” plays a vital role in these changes that occur. “Intrinsic aging” is the medical term for this type of aging.

Another cause of skin aging is that we influence it by our environment and lifestyle choices that can make our skin to age prematurely. “Extrinsic aging” is the medical term for this type of aging. But we can slow the aging process on our skin by taking preventive actions.

Here are 11 ways to reduce premature skin aging

The sun is a big impact on aging our skin prematurely. We also do other things that can age our skin more quickly than what it is supposed to be naturally. Dermatologists offer their patients to help them prevent premature aging by this following tips.

1.Wear sunscreen every day and protect your skin from the sun. Sun protection is very essential whether you are spending a day at the beach or just doing something outside. Wearing shades can help in protecting your skin, use proper clothes even covering up our skin, and use sunscreen products that are broad-spectrum, Has SPF 30 or more and make sure it is water resistant.
2.Applying sunscreen also to all skin even the ones that are not covered by clothing. It is much better to apply self-tanner than getting a tan. You prematurely age your skin every time you get a tan. Especially if you get a tan from the sun, tanning bed or indoor tanning equipment. Everything emits harmful UV rays that can influence faster aging of your skin.
3.Avoiding facial expressions repetitively. You contract the underlying muscles when you make facial expressions. The lines will become permanent if you repetitively contract the same muscles for years. One thing you can do to help you reduce lines caused by squinting is sunglasses.
4.If you smoke, stop. Smoking causes wrinkles and a dull sallow complexion and it speeds up quickly our aging process.
5.Eating healthy and having a well-balanced diet. Eating plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits may help in preventing damage leading to premature skin aging. Even a diet that contains lots of sugar and carbohydrates speeds up aging.
6.Drink less alcohol. Alcohol causes dehydration of the skin and in time, it damages our skin and it can make us look older.
7.Have exercise regularly. Having moderate exercise can boost the immune system and improve circulation. It can make our skin look more youthful.
8.Cleanse your skin gently. Do not scrub your skin because it can irritate your skin. If your skin becomes irritated, it speeds up skin aging You should wash gently to remove makeup, pollution, and other substances without irritating your skin.
9.After sweating heavily, you should wash your face twice a day. When wearing a hat or helmet, you perspire. Perspiration irritates the skin, so it is better to wash your skin as soon as you perspire a lot.
10.Apply a facial moisturizer every day. When we use moisturizer, it traps water in our skin and it helps to have a more youthful appearance.
11.Stop using skin care products that sting or burn. Skin burning or stings can cause irritation in our skin and it can make your skin look older.

Note: Dermatologist may sometimes prescribe anti-aging products that can burn or sting. But if it is prescribed by a dermatologist, this can be okay. BE sure to let your dermatologist know.

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