Here Are 7 Magical Ways To Improve Your Complexion

“A beautiful, bright complexion stems from healthy skin,” said licensed esthetician Melissa Morris. “Since healthy skin takes time to achieve, you may have to fake it to make it in order to get instant results. Think: exfoliate and hydrate. The combination of these two skin treatments will improve your complexion instantly.”
So how do we keep our skin looking healthy? Bustle.Com listed 7 ways as advised by dermatologists and estheticians:

1. Ice
Applying ice to our skin gets rid of inflammation and reduces the appearance of pores, wrinkles and puffiness. “Following cleansing, wrap ice in a soft cloth and roll on skin for up to 15 minutes,” said according to Christine Fernandes, a Licensed Advanced Aesthetician. “Apply directly to acne lesions as well.”
2. Facial Acupressure
“Facial acupressure is an Eastern Medicine technique of applying finger pressure to specific areas of the face, which yields health and beauty benefits,” Fernandes explained. “It increases blood circulation, brings oxygen and nutrients to the skin, restores a vibrant look. It promotes lymphatic drainage, enhancing the skin’s appearance and removing toxins which can dull your complexion.”
3. Exercise
Exercise improves collagen production. “Collagen is the support structure of our skin, and it helps keeps skin smooth,” Fernandes said. “It also regulates skin oil called sebum — this helps skin look healthy and supple. Those natural oils can also moisturize the skin.” Also during exercise, sweat purges the body of toxins in the skin that contribute to oil and debris congestion.
4. Use Tea Bags
“If you suffer from puffiness or dark circles around the eyes, apply cold tea bags over the eyes for 10 minutes for immediate relief and a glowing complexion,” Morris advised. For acne, “apply these tea bags over inflamed acne lesions to reduce inflammation and induce healing.”
5. Don’t Stay In The Shower For Too Long
“Showering and being in the water dries out your skin,” dermatologist Dr. Alan J. Parks  warns. “It’s okay shower every day, but you should keep your showers relatively short so that your skin doesn’t dry out.”
6. Use Some Coffee Grounds
“For an all over glow, grab ground coffee and mix granulated sugar to smooth, tighten and brighten the skin,” suggests esthetician Gina Mari. You can even do this on your legs, back, and buttocks area.”
7. Freeze Some Spoons
“For a quick skin-tightening effect, leave your eye serum and moisturizer in the refrigerator,” Mari said, “after applying place freezer cold spoons under your eyes for a de-puff.”
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