This Meditation Technique Will Actually Make Your Skin Glow In 7 Minutes

Ever wonder why you look extra fresh and pretty whenever you’re relaxed? That’s because stress damages our skin. Not only does meditation keep us relaxed, it keeps our skin healthy and glowing too! Find out why below.
Stress causes premature aging, it triggers pimple breakouts and dispels glow. This is because our blood vessels constrict when we are stressed. Also, a stress hormone called cortisol is also released, which blocks the supply of oxygenated blood to the skin. This lack of nutrients causes our skin to be dehydrated, dry, and sensitive. When this happens, the outer layer of our skin becomes vulnerable to bacteria which will eventually cause breakouts and inflammation.
How Meditation Can Help Your Skin

Thankfully, meditating for just five minutes a day can help keep our skin healthy and glowing. According to a research published by the University of Sheffield, when you focus heavily on controlling your breathing, you’ll deliver oxygen to your cells which is vital to your skin. This will not only rejuvenate your skin, it will help balance your body and boost cell and tissue repair as well.
Furthermore, meditation will help you relax and improve the quality of sleep. Everybody knows how helpful sleep is to your skin’s health.
So how do we meditate? Check out the best meditation apps below:
This is perfect for beginners. This app will help you build a wellness plan by giving you options on which meditating exercise suits your mood.
2. Calm
If you’re always on the go, this voice-led meditation app will cover the basics just within 5-minutes. For trouble sleepers, the Calm app also has a library of calming music and bedtime tales to help you get a good night’s rest.
This is app may answer all your questions, you geeks. It will give you steps on how to incorporate meditation into your everyday life as well as the science behind it.
4.Smiling Mind
For families, this might be the one you’re looking for. It has a wide array of voiced sessions for the young ones as well as parents who are just introducing mindfulness to their children. It also includes ‘mindful eating’ and ‘the daily commute’.

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