Celebrities Who Are Richer Than You Think


Adele is truly a remarkable musician. In an industry where autotune is becoming increasingly the norm, her voice is making waves for its otherworldly vocal strength and range. And this is probably why despite that her last album came out in 2015, she’s still ranked as one of the richest musicians in the UK—a list she can be removed from, however, depending on the outcome of her divorce. Adele, for all practical purposes, seems to be away from the limelight for the time being, but she has nothing to worry about as far as her finances are concerned since the gargantuan amount of investment money she’s made from her previous albums are more than enough for someone to retire multiple times over.


Chris Pratt’s net worth isn’t as meteoric as some of his Marvel MCU co-stars, whose individual net worths, at least for more than a few of them, exceed the hundred-million-dollar mark. But Chris, with a net worth of $60 million, is definitely no slugger, and he’s definitely filthy rich compared to us normal plebeians. His career’s trajectory is quite remarkable, considering it was only in 2009 when he played the role of Andy Dwyer in the sitcom Parks and Recreation, making his name moderately familiar. But now, and much to his credit, he’s a huge star who’s come a long way from waiting tables at Bubba Gump.


Steven Spielberg, the man who could rightly fit in anyone’s list of Best Directors in History, has a career that spans more than six decades. Not just that, some of his films have become so popular that they are now, to one degree or another, fully enmeshed in the cultural zeitgeist. Everyone has heard about the film Jurassic Park or Indiana Jones, say, and this is a testament to just how influential the man is to the culture at large. With a net worth of $3.6 billion, Spielberg is no doubt one of the richest and most influential players in Hollywood and will continue to be so for years to come.


It’s hard to believe that it only took a little more than a year for Ed Sheeran to double his total net worth. Now it’s estimated to be in the range of $160 million, which for all practical purposes is twice the amount it was in 2018. Many attribute this to Sheeran’s constant touring, and we’re inclined to agree since one tour he did in 2019 reportedly brought in $340 million for the Sheeran team. Things are looking great for the young musical prodigy, given the many accomplishments he’s had thus far. In fact, he’ll need a slew of financial advisors soon enough to handle his net worth which will no doubt be doubling yet again in the years to come.


Sylvester’s Stallone, who everyone knows for playing the iconic movie characters Rocky and Rambo, is one of the richest people in Hollywood. Not bad for someone who wrote the story of Rocky, only to be offered $300,000 by the studio to not play the role. Of course, Stallone knew at the time that he was the only one who had the electricity to play the role, so he rejected the offer, stood his ground, and said it’s either he’s playing Rocky or no one is. The studio eventually relented, and the Rocky franchise went on to make $1.4 billion in the box office.


British singer and actress Duffy has got quite the storied past. Her stepfather’s ex-wife allegedly tried to have her stepfather killed, and she revealed on her website that, in an instance of absolute moral bankruptcy, she had been drugged, raped and held captive for weeks when she was young. Thankfully, Duffy was able to muscle through those traumatic experiences and become the huge star that she is today. Her debut album, Rockefeller, was what put her on the map, garnering millions in sales. Now she’s one of the stars to look out for, and we’re sure her $9-million net worth will even increase as she continues her successful career.


Drake is always on someone’s Best of the Best list, whether it’s because he’s one of the most famous, one of the most popular, or, for this article’s purposes, one of the richest, he can typically be found somewhere in the top five. And it is not at all surprising that he is among the wealthiest, given that he’s not just a hip hop artist, he’s also a very successful businessman, whose investment portfolio included his own clothing line and his own whiskey label. He even reportedly partnered with another company in 2019 to create his own line of cannabis products.


Jimmy Kimmel has come a long way from hosting the obscure but controversial The Man Show. He’s now more mainstream than that, hosting the late-night talk show, Jimmy Kimmel Live. He had a fairly normal childhood in Las Vegas, but it was there that he reportedly got into radio hosting. He shared that as a radio host, he didn’t infrequently get offers to do television shows, but he turned them down, thinking television was not his thing. Well, now he’s the host of a late-night talk show and is one of the most recognizable faces on TV—not to mention, he’s also one of the richest people on TV.


Kendall Jenner is one woman who needs no introduction, given how ubiquitous her family is in Hollywood. Indeed, even those who don’t care to watch a single episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians know who the Kardashians are. They are a family whose vocabulary didn’t include the word bankruptcy. And while Kendall, with her $18-million net worth, might not be filthy rich by Kardashian standards (she seems to have the smallest net worth in her family) she’s definitely rich by ours. Of course, this is in no small part because of the fat check she receives regularly for being a part of her family’s television show.


If you are like Garth Brooks, who’s a musical artist who was able to have 6 albums certified diamond, then it’s a safe bet to say that mundane matters like mortgages are the farthest from your mind. Well, Garth is not just a successful country music artist, he’s one of the few country music artists who’ve defined the genre. So, it’s totally parred for the course that the man gets to sleep like a baby at night knowing he can buy pretty much anything he likes. Interestingly enough, Garth was involved in one of the most expensive divorces of all time. He parted with $175 million of his hard-earned money after his divorce with Sandy Mahl.


Lauren Lake is one feisty lady who wears more than a few hats. Are you ready? She’s a lawyer, fashion designer, singer, motivational speaker, real estate mogul, and lastly, a talk show host. Of course, she’s more popularly known as the host of the television courtroom series Lauren Lake’s Paternity Court, and her somewhat popular book “Girl! Let Me Tell You.” In any case, she’s not exactly a high-profile celebrity, but she’s found success on television as a host and as a guest on other popular television shows like Dr. Phil and The Regis and Kelly show, which explains her enviable net worth of $1.5 million. It’s certainly not as high as others on this list, but it’s a testament, nevertheless, to her success.


Despite that Selena is still young at 27 years old, people unfamiliar with her will be surprised to know that she’s already a veteran in Hollywood, with a successful career that spans close to two decades. That’s how old she is in the business. And it’s no surprise, either, that she’s now worth approximately $60 million, considering she’s been working since she was 9 years old. She is one of the most successful stars that came out of the Disney Channel, to be sure, which is the place many young performers see as an investment toward bigger things in Hollywood.


We’re not sure if this couple qualifies as celebrities, but to some degree they must, because they found one of the largest apparel retailers in the world, which reportedly has around 800 stores all over the world. The couple filed for bankruptcy in 2019, however, because of a massive sales slowdown, but of course, they’ve already amassed a huge fortune by then. And there’s a lot to be inspired from the story of this couple because they immigrated to the US from South Korea with nothing but a high school diploma, and yet they were still able to create a billion-dollar empire with just $11,000 in savings.


Chance the Rapper is an American hip-hop artist who’s noted for his inimitable style. He entered the industry at a young age, amassing a strong following since. He has also collaborated with a number of huge names in the music industry, effectively galvanizing his position as one of the artists to look out for. Indeed, the man’s rise to stardom has been, how shall we say, unorthodox to say the least. He didn’t attach himself to any producer and hasn’t sold an album or single. He chose instead to release his music for free through various streaming services. But we’re happy to report that the investment he’s made in this unorthodox method of making money has worked out for him.


Ben Affleck is easily one of the biggest and most recognizable names in Hollywood. The man has been in so many films that it’s hard to determine which in particular is worth mentioning. He’s played a high school bully, the best friend of a genius, a Wall Street lawyer, a mobster, a bank robber, and the Dark Knight. So it’s completely unsurprising that he’s been able to amass a fortune of $105 million. He’s just gone through a very messy divorce with Jennifer Garner, the details of which are murky, but hopefully, his net worth didn’t take a beating, at least if it hasn’t already.


Mark Zuckerberg, who’s eventual founding of Facebook was immortalized in the film The Social Network (a film, we should add, he took a lot of issue with), is one person that needs no introduction. Indeed, if one hadn’t been living in a cave for the past decade or so, then one would be familiar with the name. It was, of course, the creation of Facebook that precipitated in Zuckerberg amassing a $72-billion net worth. But one thing people might be interested to know is that Zuckerberg, as the CEO of Facebook, only gives himself a dollar per year as salary. Of course, he’s a billionaire, so it’s not like he’ll be facing bankruptcy anytime soon with that paltry amount.


Tech innovator and billionaire, Elon Musk, is known for many things, including the many polarizing positions he takes and broadcasts over at Twitter. Indeed, the man can be cantankerous on social media, but he arguably makes a good case for his positions for the most part. Elon, as many will know, founded Space X and Tesla, two companies that are at the forefront of technology and innovation, and two companies who’ve made more than a few investments that are seen to be helpful to the environment in the long run. With that in mind, we’re counting Elon as an overall good for the world’s well-being.


Not only is Tom Cruise one of the best actors of all time, but he is apparently also, to his credit, one of the richest. With an estimated net worth of $570 million, it really isn’t something that many people can reasonably doubt. Also, given the many projects he’s involved with, his net worth can only go up in the foreseeable future. Not bad for someone who fortuitously went into acting because of an injury; that’s right, Cruise reportedly got injured in high school and joined the drama club after getting forced off the wrestling team. But luckily for Tom, that incident put him on the path to stardom.


This American country music singer who many will know as one of the judges in the hit television talent show The Voice, is said to be one of the most charismatic people in the music industry. The man has been living in a glass house for quite a while because of his involvement with The Voice and is rumored to be dating fellow The Voice judge Gwen Stefani. Whatever the case may be, we’re not surprised that someone as talented and as hard-working as Shelton has a net worth of $90 million. Indeed, he reportedly also owns several investment properties around the country, including a ridiculously huge ranch in Oklahoma.


Matt Damon, who is widely regarded as one of the most bankable individuals in Hollywood, got his big break when he and fellow actor Ben Affleck wrote, directed and starred in the hit film Good Will Hunting. It was a film that was widely praised among critics, putting the two on the map and turning them into A-listers a few years later. Indeed, for Matt and Ben, the film Good Will Hunting was perhaps the best investment they made, considering that they are now where they are because of its success. Matt Damon has starred in many films since then, a lot of which turned out to be successful, so it’s unsurprising that he’s been able to amass a fortune through the years.


American business executive and philanthropist Meg Whitman has had the opportunity to work for so many high-profile companies in the past as their CEO, including eBay, Hewlett-Packard, and Quibi. Indeed, she’s been christened by Forbes as the fourth richest self-made woman in the US. So it is of no surprise that she was able to amass so much money throughout the course of her career. Whitman is also reportedly always on the look-out for good investments, as evidenced by her decision to invest in LA-based e-sports company Immortals LLC last 2018.


Adam Levine is, of course, known as the frontman of the band Maroon 5—a band that, to their credit, has consistently produced hit after hit ever since arriving at the scene in 2004. Levine reportedly has a net worth of $90 million, but many will be surprised to know that a good amount of his money is because of his involvement with things other than Maroon 5. Indeed, Levine reportedly makes $13 million per season as a judge for the singing competition show The Voice and is also reportedly a realtor of sorts, having bought and sold a few mansions in recent years.


Barbara Streisand, a veteran personality in Hollywood, is a singer, songwriter, and actress, who has, through the course of her career, won a slew of awards for both acting and singing. Her net worth of $400 million is no surprise, because her concerts themselves have grossed hundreds of millions of dollars, and many of the real estate investments she’s made have also reportedly doubled in value, increasing her net worth even further. Indeed, many might be surprised to know that a huge part of Streisand’s net worth is not because of her singing and acting work, but is because of the many real estate investments she’s made through the course of her career.


Canadian singer and songwriter Justin Bieber is, to a huge degree, often included in lists like this because of his over-the-top lifestyle, which is often on full display over at social media. The young man is one of the richest people in the American music industry who are under 30. And it’s been quite a ride for Bieber, considering he was discovered on Youtube when he was 13 years old. That was a relatively long time ago, but his rise to the top was nothing short of remarkable. On the basis of his music, his touring, his endorsements and the documentaries he’s been involved with, Bieber is without a doubt a money-making machine.


Kim Kardashian is definitely one of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. Even if one didn’t watch a single episode of her hit reality series Keeping up with the Kardashians, it’s safe to say they’ll be familiar with both the Kardashian name and brand. And while she’s not the richest Kardashian (a distinction that goes to her sister Kylie, who’s created a cosmetics empire), Kim is arguably the one who started it all. And despite that Kim doesn’t have a finance degree, she’s happily bringing in money from not just her show, but from endorsement deals, her own clothing line, her perfume, and a host of other ventures, each of which is raking in millions a year.


JK Rowling, who created the Harry Potter Universe, is someone who’s got a very interesting past. She was reportedly both penniless and unqualified for a loan while she was writing Harry Potter, the book that eventually made her a billionaire. What’s also interesting is that she reportedly peddled her manuscript for Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone to a number of publishers—12 in total—only for them to reject it. One publisher took a chance, only because the 8-year-old daughter of the chairman read the chapter up for review and demanded to have the next.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ quarterback Tom Brady is quite the moneyed individual. He’s got a net worth of $180 million and is also married to Supermodel Gisele Bundchen, who herself has a net worth of $400 million. So mundane matters like mortgages and loans are the farthest from their minds because it looks like they both have enough money to retire a hundred times over. Brady has been signed to the NFL for close to 20 years now and has been ranked as one of the best quarterbacks in the league, so it’s no surprise that he was able to amass such a colossal amount of money.


Given that Mariah Carey has been, to her credit, able to sell more than 200 million records throughout the course of her career, it’s no surprise that the woman with the golden voice has a net worth of $300 million. Indeed, her record sales alone make her one of the best-selling artists in the history of music. She was even ranked as the second best-selling female artist of all time, second only to the inimitable Madonna. Interestingly enough, Mariah’s oh-so-ubiquitous Christmas song “All I Want for Christmas” is one of only a few songs in the history of music that was able to go quintuple platinum.


Imagine how rich a woman must be for her husband to be happily taking salary cuts. Well, Gisele Bündchen, to her credit, doesn’t have to imagine it—because she’s living it. Indeed, Gisele Bündchen reportedly earns so much that her husband Tom Brady admitted during an interview with Jimmy Kimmel that it’s the reason why he’s not keen on asking for a higher salary from the NFL. But the supermodel definitely worked hard to get to where she is, appearing in countless magazines as the face of high-profile fashion brands like Chanel, H&M, David Yurman, Carolina Herrera, and more.


Rihanna, the Barbadian singer who took the world by storm in the mid-2000s for her chart-topping hits, has a net worth of $245 million. But if one tracked Rihanna’s net worth from a few years back, one would definitely notice that a pattern exists. And the pattern, quite simply, shows that her net worth is on an upward streak, increasing, rather galactically, year-after-year. Of course, anyone who’s actually followed the Barbadian bombshell’s electricity-laden career won’t be surprised, given the many hits she’s produced and the many tours that she’s been involved with.


Meghan Markle rose to fame when she played Rachel Zane in the legal drama series Suits, but it’s definitely safe to say that she is now, to a huge degree, more popularly known as the wife of Prince Harry. Wealth tracking sites estimate Markle’s net worth to be in the range of $5 million, which is a lot less than her husband Harry’s net worth of $40 million but is still quite a lot for our normal plebeian standards. In any case, Meghan and Harry are reportedly trying to be financially independent of the Royal family, and we think they won’t be finding it all that difficult, given their considerably high profiles and connections.


Jennifer Aniston, who became a household name for playing Rachel Aniston in the popular television sitcom Friends, ranks among the richest actresses in Hollywood. Even if Friends ended 16 years ago and Aniston hasn’t been seen in a hit movie for quite some time now. Nevertheless, Aniston was able to successfully transition to the big screen after her television career and was even able to build enough star power to command a huge talent fee. A significant part of Aniston’s net worth is also because of the investment she made in her own production company, which has produced shows for both TV and film.


Named International Model of the Year by the British Fashion Council, Gigi Hadid is no stranger to living in the lap of luxury. Her father, Mohamed Hadid, is somewhat of a socialite, who is famous for being a real estate developer for the ultra-rich. Gigi started modeling when she was practically an infant; at two years old, she was discovered by Paul Marciano, the designer for Guess, who made her the face of Baby Guess. Now, and much to her credit, she’s one of the top models in the world, and is frequently seen hanging out with fellow socialites, Kendall and Kylie Jenner.


Australian-American actress Nicole Kidman, who at some point in her past won the distinction of being part of Time Magazine’s Most Influential list, is also ranked as one of the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood. With her arm-length filmography, it’s no surprise that Kidman is one of the richest actresses today. Apparently, Kidman dropped out of school at the age of 16 to pursue an acting career. And thankfully, it proved to be one of the best investments she’s made in herself because she eventually became one of the most recognized faces of Hollywood.


Reese Witherspoon, another actress who got the distinction of being included in Time Magazine’s Most Influential list, is one of the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood. One of the most memorable roles that Witherspoon took on was that of Elle Woods in the film Legally Blonde. Apart from appearing on-screen, Witherspoon is also a businesswoman. She’s put in some investment money towards the creation Hello Sunshine, a production company that was involved in the production of the films Gone Girl and Wild, both of which came out in 2014. Witherspoon also started Draper James, her own clothing line which now has outlets in five cities.


Portuguese football player Cristiano Ronaldo, who is widely regarded as the best football player in the world at the moment, is reportedly worth $450 million. And it’s really not hard to imagine why. As one of the biggest names in football—or, actually, in sports in general—Ronaldo is also expectedly a huge magnet for endorsement deals. From sportswear to food products, to even steel companies and automotive manufacturers, Ronaldo has endorsed them all. He’s also made various investments throughout his career, including in a clothing company and a hotel chain. The man is a money-making machine, and it’s only a matter of time before his net worth breaks into the billion-dollar mark.


Drew Barrymore, an actress, producer, and author was catapulted to stardom after the success of the film E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial where she played Gertie, the five-year-old who became best friends with an alien from another planet. She’s starred in numerous films since then, even appearing as one of Charlie’s angels in the film-reboot of the same name. She put in some investment money towards the creation of her own production company in 1995, and it’s been involved with quite a few notable films since then such as Charlie’s Angels, 50 First Dates, How to be Single, and more.


Ask the most popular stand-up comedians in Hollywood today to come up with a list of the best stand-up comedians, and you’re likely to get the name Dave Chappelle in the shortlist. In fact, this isn’t merely a thought experiment, it’s been done more than once, producing the results I’ve just described. In fact, saying Dave would be in the shortlist isn’t even fair, because to his credit, he mostly turns up somewhere in the top 5, and oftentimes even at top 1. So it’s no surprise that, despite turning down a $54-million offer to produce another season of the Chappelle Show, Mr. Chappelle still has a net worth of $50 million.


Imagine how rich someone must be to be able to blow away $35 billion of investment money on divorce only to still remain the richest person in the world. Indeed, the $35 billion that Bezos lost to his wife Mackenzie after their divorce made the latter the third richest woman in the world. If that doesn’t blow your mind then I don’t know what will. Of course, Jeff Bezos needs no introduction; we’ve all used Amazon at some point in our lives—most of us still do, and will continue to do so for years to come.


Juan Luis Londoño Arias, who’s more known by his handle Maluma, is a Colombian singer and songwriter who began his career at the age of 16. He wouldn’t see fame until a few years later, however, with the release of his album, Pretty Boy, Dirty Boy, which catapulted him to fame and gave him the opportunity to work with other big artists. Wealth tracking sites have estimated his net worth to be around $12 million, but this is a credit score that will surely increase since the man is clearly getting more popular by the week.


Marc Jacobs, who became world-famous for his role as the creative director of high-profile fashion brand Louis Vuitton, is reportedly worth $100 million. Of course, we’re not surprised, and neither should you be because the man was said to have single-handedly created LV’s ready-to-wear clothing line, which proved to be a boon to the company at the time. Fortunately, Jacobs was hired at a time when he and his business partner were nearing bankruptcy. His talents were spotted quickly, and the rest, as they say, is history.


Kylie Jenner, who has been given the distinction of being the world’s youngest self-made billionaire from Forbes, is reportedly worth $1 billion, making her, as a matter of fact, the richest Kardashian. And that’s saying something, considering there’s probably no Kardashian who exists who isn’t mind-blowingly rich. Kylie also doesn’t have any qualms about showing off her wealth on her social media accounts; she once bought her daughter a baby stroller worth $12,500. What made her so rich, you ask? Well, she’s put a lot of investment money towards the creation of her own cosmetics line. Needless to say, it paid off.


Blogger, author and television personality Ree Drummond, who’s also popularly known as the Pioneer Woman, is reportedly worth $50 million. Probably nobody expected that a simple blog could bring in so much fame and fortune, but that’s exactly what happened to Drummond, whose blog went on to win numerous awards and accolades. She used the fame she built from her blog to launch recipe sites as well as best-selling books, some of which ranked in the New York Times Bestsellers List. That’s not all, Drummond has also managed to acquire a huge investment portfolio that includes real estate, restaurants, and a hotel.


Jimmy Fallon, an American comedian, actor, and host who used to be a cast member of the comedy skit show Saturday Night Live, is now the current host of The Tonight Show, after replacing Jay Leno in 2014. It’s been reported that his salary as the host of The Tonight Show alone is around $15 million a year, and since he’s young and has quite a long way to go, his net worth will be increasing even further in the years to come. Interestingly enough, the people around Fallon knew he was, to a huge degree, destined to be a comedy star, because he was able to do perfect impressions of celebrities even at a young age.


Emma Stone, who was, to her credit, included in Time Magazine’s List of Most Influential People in the World, became a household name after her portrayal of Gwen Stacy in the film The Amazing Spiderman. Of course, she’s been involved with quite a few movies before then, but the Spider-Man films were so mainstream that they made Stone more widely recognized than she used to be. She’s graduated from starring in quirky comedies to starring in more serious roles, and she’s so ubiquitous in Hollywood that we’re sure that her net worth will be increasing in the foreseeable future.


Kourtney Kardashian, the eldest and arguably the least prominent of the Kardashian brood (if such a thing were even possible), is reportedly worth $35 million. It’s not as high as some of her more moneyed siblings, to be sure, but it’s meteoric by normal celebrity standards nonetheless. Much of her net worth is from her various endorsement deals and the salary she gets as part of the hit reality series Growing Up with the Kardashians. She’s also reportedly been able to collect millions from the many investments she’s made with her famous sisters throughout the years.


Ralph Lauren, an American designer, fashion mogul, and philanthropist, is worth $8.2 billion. That’s almost two billion dollars more than what he was worth just a year ago if the various wealth tracking sites we’ve perused are any indication. And it is no surprise that he’s worth that much since he’s the founder of the galactically huge American fashion company Ralph Lauren, which during its time, changed the landscape of men’s fashion. As such, the man owns hundreds of boutique shops all over the world and has a vast investment portfolio that includes mansions, yachts, shares of stock, and more.


Daniel Radcliffe, who everyone knows as Harry Potter from the Harry Potter film franchise, is reportedly worth $100 million. Radcliffe has, of course, starred in many movies since his Harry Potter days, but Harry Potter is, without a doubt, what the man will always be known for. At least for many years to come. Indeed, Radcliffe was ranked as the highest-paid actor during his Harry Potter days, which is amazing when one considers that he started playing the role when he was 11 years old. In any case, he’s now a full-fledged adult at 30, and is, much to his credit, taking on more adult roles, so we’re sure we’ll be seeing more of him in the years to come.

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