Celebrity Secrets – Things You Did Not Know About Hollywood’s Stars

Celebrities typically hide many things. With their lives in the limelight, it is seldom that they get the privilege of privacy. So what they do is they either hide some facts about themselves by not talking about them in public, not revealing them to anyone or hope that the thing they’re trying to hide from their past has long been forgotten. On our list are some of the best kept secrets Hollywood stars have. No, these aren’t your “skeletons in the closet” but are fun facts that even many celebrity enthusiasts don’t know about.

You might be surprised at some of them! For example, there’s the couple who actually believe in leprechauns, actresses who can do roof repairs easily and celebrities who own golden bathtubs. One thing we realized here is that these stars are just like. They might seem picture perfect at all times, but even the biggest celebs quirky sides. The only difference is that we can afford a certain degree of anonymity and are freer to expose these things about ourselves.

Curious? Read on to find out the some of the best kept secrets about our favorite celebrities.

Tom Selleck was almost cast as Indiana Jones

We know that Harrison Ford will forever be Indiana Jones. Still, for a moment in history, Tom was offered the role for Raiders of the Lost Ark. Before this, he was already a formidable name in Hollywood having starred in several hit movies. Tom did test clips for the role, but the actor had already done a pilot episode for Magnum P.I. He was already locked in a contract, and lest lawyers were involved, it would be difficult to break a deal with the networks. George Lucas and Steven Spielberg eventually gave the role to Harrison Ford, although George was skeptical because he has already cast Harrison as Hans Solo in the Star Wars movie. Tom did well in Magnum P.I. so everything worked out for the best.

Tom Selleck First Appeared in a Game Show

We know of his many characters on screen. He is given credit as Magnum P.I., as Police Commissioner Frank Reagan on Blue Bloods, Peter Mitchell from Three Men and a Baby, and as Dr. Richard Burke on Friends. He also appeared as a recurring character in the series Boston Legal. He had a fruitful career in the industry, but before he became a successful actor, he first appeared on The Dating Game in 1965 and again in 1967. He lost on both occasions, however. Was it because he did not have his iconic and lucky moustache yet? Years later, Tom proved to be quite the catch. We wonder what those girls in the show felt after seeing him become a successful actor!

Halle Berry’s Catwoman Was Not Popular with Critics and Audiences

Usually, when a movie star is associated with being a hero or heroine the title sticks forever. There is always the risk of getting typecast and experiencing difficulty securing other roles. Of course, there are certain exceptions, such is the case with Halle Berry. The actress was the lead in the film Catwoman back in 2004, after she successfully portrayed Storm in the X-Men movies. Catwoman was not well-received both by movie critics and moviegoers alike. There were numerous issues cited, such as the bad plotline, but despite all that the role is still considered iconic by many. This didn’t save her from the usual backlash, however. Graceful as always, Halle proudly accepted her Golden Raspberry “Worst Actress” award for the movie.

Billy Dee Williams Tried to be a Painter

Billy Dee Williams went to school to become a painter, and even though he became a full-fledged actor, he never abandoned his love for the visual arts. He attended school at the New York City’s famous LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts. The actor even received a scholarship from the National Academy of Fine Arts and Design so that he could continue his studies, focusing on the “classical principles of painting.” His learning proved to be a great investment. Today, his paintings typically sell for $20,000 to $50,000. A few of his works are displayed at the Schomburg Museum in Harlem, the National Portrait Gallery at the Smithsonian, and in many art galleries around the globe.

Elvis Had a Twin

There are many mysteries surrounding Elvis Presley, especially with all the conspiracy theories that circulated after his demise. But did you know that Elvis had a twin? Yes. Jesse Garon Presley, The King’s identical twin, was born 35 minutes before Elvis. He was stillborn and was buried in an unmarked grave in the nearby Priceville Cemetery. Because of this death, Elvis grew up an only child. Though he did not get to know his twin, the musician often talked about him. We can speculate that the death of his brother had a profound effect on him. The intuitive bond between identical twins is well-known as they share the same genetic code. We have to give Elvis credit for keeping his brother’s memory alive, though.

Elvis Did Not Perform Outside Of North America

It’s true, the legendary musician was not able to perform on foreign soil throughout his career. Many might be surprised by this piece of information given his popularity. About 40% of his music sales also came from abroad so it does make you wonder. It was speculated that the reason behind this is because Colonel Parker was an illegal immigrant. He feared that if he left the United States, he might not be allowed back in. If this was the case, then we’re sure many international fans would have felt disappointed. He would have had an even larger following and fans in other countries would have been able to experience the electricity of seeing The King of Rock and Roll live.

Pope Francis was Once a Bouncer

This pope is known to be liberal. He is quite a contrast from the more traditional Pope Benedict XVI, and many consider him the best leader for the Catholic Church given the period of time he took over the papacy. During a chat with followers at the Church of San Cirillo Alessandrino back in 2013, the Pope revealed that he worked as a bouncer before in his hometown of Argentina. He even swept floors and worked in a laboratory as a teenager. He did not say much about his life as a bouncer, but it is quite amusing to picture a young Bergoglio shepherding errant people out of a bar acting as a human home security system when now, he is the one welcoming sinners to a church.

Dr. Ruth was a Trained Sniper

Known to many American as Dr. Ruth, the media personality Ruth Westheimer is so much more than her four feet, seven inches physique. She was born to German parents and is a Holocaust survivor. Before she had her successful TV career, reaching the peak of her popularity from the 1980s to the 1990s, she had actually been a trained sniper. Westheimer was part of the forerunner of the Israel Defense Forces. She initially did not think she had good aim, but given the training, she was able to develop the skill. To a degree, she is thankful that she did not have to put what she knows into action. Westheimer thought of herself as a perfect sniper with a lethal aim, after all.

The Beatles Failed an Audition

Can you imagine The Beatles failing an audition? In the first place, why would the known band audition in the first place? Before they rose to fame, the four drove to Decca Studios on January 1, 1962, and belted out 15 songs within a few hours. They sang a mix of their signatures songs, which is a combination of rock and RnB, as well as originals. Dick Rowe was not impressed with the performance, however, and predicted that guitar groups would likely die out. In contrast to his forecast, the group signed with George Martin a few months after and became one of the most successful bands in history. They might have failed the first time, but it was worth the gas money!

Martin Luther King Jr. convinced Nichelle Nichols to stay on Star Trek

Nichelle Nichols, known as Lt. Uhura to Star Trek fans, was thinking of leaving Star Trek to pursue her passion for Broadway. She informed the creator of the series, Gene Roddenberry what she had been planning. Martin Luther King Jr., given credit as the most visible and prominent civil rights activist and advocate for people of color, told Nichelle that she should stay. He reasoned that if she left, all that she worked for and the representation she was giving African-Americans would be lost. Nichelle realized that being on the show meant so much more than just playing a role. She could also be an anchor to her race. Agreeing that there was a more significant issue other than her personal dreams, she decided not to leave.

Gene Hackman Turned to Writing after Retiring in Acting

The 90-year-old has since left his successful acting career and turned to writing. While he does not consider himself an excellent writer, he says that he enjoys the process. Gene also takes pride in the amount of time he puts in researching the facts for whatever he writes. The former actor hand writes his manuscripts and his wife does the typing for him. These days, he can also take a few online classes to help inspire and better his craft. Even the most experienced writers can learn something new, after all. With his writing partner, Daniel Lenihan, Hackman has written three historical fiction novels: Wake of the Perdido Star (1999), Escape from Andersonville (2008) and Justice for None (2004). He is the sole author of Payback at Morning Peak and Pursuit.

Warren Buffet Bought His First Stocks at 11 Years of Age

When we talk about investments, stocks and financial portfolios, the name Warren Buffett inevitably comes up. His name is associated with success and familiarity when it comes to the stock market. And we should rightfully expect him to be an expert. After all, he purchased his first stock at the tender age of 11. He bought shares of Cities Services for $38 per stock. Since then, his genius at investing has brought Buffet an accumulated fortune of $75 billion. The investor and entrepreneur is among the richest men in the world. Warren says that the secret to winning against the volatility of the market is to use the Buy-Hold strategy. Wait for the value to appreciate, rather than focusing on the ups and downs of the market, he said.

Mr. Bean Flew a Plane after the Pilot Fainted

Planes can usually run on autopilot, but not a Cessna 202. This aircraft needs the full attention of the pilot at all times. So imagine what happened when the pilot of a plane that Rowan Atkinson chartered suddenly fainted! The actor had rented the plane to fly his family for a holiday in Kenya back in 2001. They tried to revive the pilot, but after failing a number of times the plane began taking a nosedive from a height of 16,000 feet. The knight in him kicked in, and Sir Rowan took charge. The pilot did eventually regain consciousness and re-established control of the plane. We hope that they had paid their travel insurance premiums before leaving, because flying can be so unpredictable.

Steve Jobs Tried an Extreme Fruitarian Diet

We know that fad diets are not healthy. Losing weight in a short period of time will negatively affect the liver, the gall bladder, and the metabolism of anyone who tries them. Someone should have told Steve Jobs this before he decided to try an extreme diet, after reading a few books on vegetarianism. He survived mainly on a diet comprised of apples and carrots. While these are healthy, they do not provide the range of nutrition and electrolytes needed by the body. They also are lacking in protein, a staple macronutrient required by the body to maintain the muscles. If there’s one thing we can take away from this, it’s to practice a degree of caution when making changes to our diet!

George Lucas Donated Fire Engine to Fire Department

George Lucas once put up a fire engine from the Skywalker Ranch fleet for sale. Of course, this immediately caught the attention of fans, who are always looking to get memorabilia related to the franchise. Among them was The Muir Beach Volunteer Fire Department. The initial quote given was for $55,000, which was below the market value of the engine. However, this amount would have wiped out the volunteer department’s entire annual budget, preventing them from buying other critical supplies. They would have needed a loan to meet the costs. After being informed of this, George decided to give them the engine instead. The engine they received was state-of-the-art and could send twice the volume of water when compared to their old one!

Tina Turner was Once an Action Movie Star

We know Tina Turner to be a music icon. She is rightfully called The Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll. Her single that was released in 1984, “What’s Love got to do with It” won four Grammy Awards. Her five-decade long career has had its many ups and downs, but she has never failed to show us her many talents. Not many know, however, that Tina was once given film credit as an action movie star for the rock musical Tommy in 1975. It was based on The Who album also titled Tommy. She played the role of The Acid Queen. The satirical operetta fantasy drama was about a boy who became a religious leader and pinball champion. Tina’s performance in the movie was well-received by many movie critics.

John Travolta Impressed Princess Diana

In 1985, John Travolta met the Princess of Wales during an event at the Reagan White House. John was able to showcase his dancing skills by asking Princess Diana to dance. The flooring of the white house resounded with the movement of their feet tapping and gliding as they danced across the room. The royalty was impressed, and she even named the dress she wore to the gala as the “Travolta Dress”. It is quite remarkable that John was able to make an excellent impression on Princess Diana. His dancing skills were indeed super, proving to everyone that he can shake his hips with ease. Well, he wouldn’t have been cast in musical films if he wasn’t good at it right?

Jackson Cut Ties with the Family Business

Janet Jackson felt that her involvement with the business affairs of her family shackled her, so after the release of her second album, she decided to cut ties. Before this, she had been managed by her father and she advised him of her decision. For her third album, “Control”, she partnered with producers Terry Lewis and Jimmy Jam. This venture proved to be successful and the album received credit for getting the number one spot on Billboard 200. It also reached sales of over 10 million copies worldwide. Likewise, her fourth album, “Rhythm Nation 1814” also reached the number one spot and sold 20 million copies. With the family affairs out of the way, she was able to perform freely.

Betty White’s First Breakthrough Was in A Sitcom

The celebrated comedian is well into her late-90s now, but she remains one of the most respected in the industry, despite being retired now from acting and comedy. Before her success, Betty had her breakthrough on the self-produced show Life with Elizabeth. At the time, she was among the few female producers working during the early 1950’s. Betty was also the youngest, but that did not stop her from collaborating with George Tibbles to develop the show. This meant that Betty was also among the first females to have creative control in front of and behind the camera. To no one’s surprise, the show was widely successful and helped Betty win her first Emmy nomination in 1951! Her investments and effort in making the series successful paid off.

Clint Eastwood was Once a Firefighter

The Clint Eastwood we know today has been in Hollywood since 1959. At the ripe age of 90, we can say he has lived quite the prolific life. Not only is he an iconic actor, his personal life is just colorful as the movies he has been in. But what is interesting is that before he entered Hollywood, the actor had humble beginnings. Some reports suggest he might have even struggled financially and needed personal loans to survive. Before Hollywood, he worked as a grocery staff, a golf caddy and a forest firefighter. Maybe if he were younger, he would have helped put out the wildfires in California. Apart from being a firefighter, he was also a military lifeguard and projectionist when he served during the Korean War.

Chuck Norris was an Air Policeman

Carlos Ray Norris, otherwise known as Chuck Norris, was once part of the civilian uniformed police service of the USAF. As an Air Policeman, he was responsible for the protection of the USAF assets and other installations of the Force. His love for martial arts started when he was assigned to South Korea. The actor has achieved many things in the field of martial arts, including developing his own variety of it called Chun Kuk Do. One tenet of Chun Kuk Do is that if there is nothing good to say about a person, then it is better to be silent. This only means that if the Taekwondo 8th Degree Black Belt Grand Master is quiet, you might not want to hear what he really wants to say!

Serena’s Go-to-Gadget in the Kitchen is a Toaster Oven

Admit it, we all have our quirks. There are things in our homes that we simply adore—no matter how mundane. For Serena, it’s the oven toaster. It is quite a flexible appliance, and many can be done with it. The athlete would be able to prepare a number of delicious snacks within just a few minutes. Since she’s already a mom, we all know how important speed can be! Apart from cooking up stuff in the kitchen, Serena also relaxes through reading. Her favorite author is Maya Angelou, known for her autobiographical works. Fun fact: did you know that Serena appeared in Common’s music video back in 2007 along with Alicia Keys, Kanye West, and Kerry Washington? The degree of her talent is certainly impressive!

Wendy Williams Loves Grocery Shopping and Enjoys a Strange Meal For Breakfast

We often hate house chores, including washing the dishes, vacuuming the carpet, or even making the bed. But there is one chore that we also love doing. For Wendy, it would have to be grocery shopping, even if it means being in a crowd of people and looking through numerous aisles. Of course, in the time of the pandemic, she needs to tone down a bit as physical distancing must be observed. Did you know that she likes eating liver for breakfast? While we want to fire up the gas and boil water for oatmeal and a few strips of bacon, Wendy eats this. Well, it is nutritional and can provide the needed protein for the day, so why not?

Sophia Loren Was Once A Pub Waitress

The Italian actress is given credit as the 21st greatest female star of Classic Hollywood Cinema. She was raised by her grandmother and mother. Her childhood was humble and Sophia’s grandmother ran a pub from their living room. She had to earn her keep by waiting tables and dishwashing. Growing up during wartime, the actress also experienced air raids. In one instance, she was even injured by one, which left a scar on her face. This scar led to a degree of teasing from her peers, but she outshined them all. The iconic actress proves that even the things we think are “ugly” can also become a source of beauty. She is considered to be one of the most beautiful actresses in the world, after all.

Steve Harvey Cashed in on his Miss Universe mistake

He received quite a bit of backlash for the announcement mistake he made during the 2015 Miss Universe pageant. But as we know Steve, he can make anything positive. He is, after all, an excellent host and comedian. After he owned up to his mistake, he decided to turn his lemons into lemonade. Maybe a financial advisor was behind the wise move? In the now-infamous Super Bowl commercial for T-Mobile, they purposely displayed the numbers wrong—only for Steve to come rushing in with an apology for the mistake. He did not take the blame, though, and pointed to Verizon instead! It was simple yet effective, and it got audiences laughing. With his success and smart decisions, Steve went from being homeless to having multiple houses!

Pat Sajak Made A Mistake As A Military Radio Personnel

At the height of the Vietnam War in 1968, Pat joined the army hoping that he could utilize his skills as a clerk and radio disk jockey, and avoid being stationed at the frontlines. He would usually start his broadcasts with a hearty “Good morning, Viet Nam!” He made a mistake on Christmas 1969, though. While broadcasting Nixon’s Christmas address, the President paused. Thinking that it was over, Pat turned the feed off and started playing a record. Nixon, however, was not done and spoke again. It was too late for Pat to react and so the soldiers never heard what Nixon told them. While he later got to write about it, the degree of embarrassment he felt must have been immense!

Sam Elliot Dropped Out of College

He never earned the degree he was studying for at the University of Oregon because he was kicked out and had to drop out. He graduated high school in 1962 and was keen on becoming a “Man of Oregon”. He found that he was not academically inclined, however, and his study lasted only two semesters. He did graduate from Clark College in Vancouver, Washington later. Another not so surprising fact about him is that his father never approved of him becoming an actor. It is typical of traditional parents, of course, to dissuade their children from becoming part of the entertainment industry. His father was a practical man, but Sam managed to prove his father wrong and became successful in the industry.

Victoria Principal Had no Support System when She Started Out

When she started to pursue a career in acting, Victoria did not have money or support. It wouldn’t be wrong to assume that she needed loans at some point during this time. Other than TV commercials, she had no prior experience in film. Victoria also did not have an agent to help her land contracts. She supported herself by teaching backgammon for nine months. Victoria was eventually able to hire an agent who helped her audition for the role of Marie Elena in The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean. The actress has received much success since, in both acting and business. In fact, in 1995, the National Association of Women Business Owners gave her the title “Entertainment Business Woman of the Year”.

Celine Dion has 13 siblings

Celine Dion is the youngest of 14 children raised by Adhemar and Therese Dion. They sure had a huge family, but it did not stop them from being close to each other. Her music career was actually more of a family affair before she signed with a major company. There are few public appearances with the entire family together, but we did glimpse some of them during the lavish wedding Celine and her husband had back in 1994. If you’ve ever wondered why some celebrities look alike, it is because they all descended from French-Canadian immigrant Zacharie Cloutier. Celine is one of them, along with Madonna, Shania Twain, and Alanis Morissette. One could not deny the degree of resemblance among these stars.

Sir Elton John is a Big Spender

During a court hearing, the judge found just how much Sir Elton John has been spending. He was able to spend £40 million, over a 20-month period, on some very lavish purchases that we’re sure his financial advisor would disapprove of. These purchases included £293,000, which was spent on flowers. The acclaimed singer was not always this big of a spender, however. He used to average £2 million per year from 1996 to 1997. When asked about the change in his lifestyle, Sir Elton declared that he was a single man and had no one to give it to, so he spends it on himself instead. He earned the money, after all, and as long as there is nothing illegal, he could do as he wishes.

Madonna Dropped Out Of College And Worked At Dunkin Donuts

When Madonna was sure she wanted to pursue a career in the entertainment industry, she dropped out of college and started working at Dunkin Donuts. She was strapped for cash and perhaps could barely afford rent, let alone house mortgages. Her career at Times Square, however, did not last a day, as her manager kicked her out after the future star squirted jelly filling on a customer. Undaunted by the experience, she waitressed for several other restaurants. She was then introduced to the punch rock music scene in 1979, giving birth to the Madonna we now admire. She has gone a long way from earning below minimum wage to having a net worth of at least half a billion dollars.

Lady Gaga Has A Ghost Detector

Lady Gaga is known for her eclectic fashion, so we’re not too surprised that she also believes in the supernatural. The singer spent $47,000, chipping away from her investments, to buy an electro-magnetic ghost detector. This was because she suspected a ghost to be stalking her! Feeling that the sensor was inadequate, she also hires paranormal experts to check every concert venue and the hotel where they are billeted during shows. Lady Gaga is a profoundly spiritual persona, but for many, this might be going a bit too far. This has not hindered her from being successful, fortunately. In 2010, Lady Gaga was ranked as the second most powerful musician on Earth. This, of course, came with hard work on her part.

Tom Cruise Bought an Ultrasound Machine

If you are wealthy and can afford the luxuries of life, there are certain privileges that on you have access to. In Tom Cruise’s case, he bought an ultrasound machine so he and Katie Holmes can watch the growth of their child together. He did not mind the steep price of the sonogram machine, nor the resulting higher electricity bills. These machines are reported to cost $25,000 to $200,000. After his daughter was born, the machine did not go to waste and was later donated to a hospital. His purchase, however, was not welcomed by the medical community. Many of them agreed that doing an ultrasound in the absence of a trained doctor could potentially harm the baby inside the womb.

Jake Gyllenhaal Learned Driving From Paul Newman

Jake has iconic actor Paul Newman as his godfather. As part of his duties, Paul taught Jake how to step on the gas, shift the stick, and drive a car. It is not a surprise that Jake has such a prominent figure as his godfather given his family’s legacy in the entertainment industry. Jake, of course, is more than just a well-connected actor, he also built fame on his own merit. He and his sister, Maggie, were even nominated at the Oscars. His performance on the film Brokeback Mountain is talked about even until today. Maggie and Jake join other siblings who were both nominated for the Oscars, including Meg and Jennifer Tilly, River and Joaquin Phoenix, and even Julia and Eric Roberts.

Jake Gyllenhaal Is The Godfather Of Heath Ledger’s Daughter

The 2005 Brokeback Mountain star is godfather to Heath Ledger’s daughter, Matilda. Heath passed away in 2008 and Jake still openly talks about the grief he felt at his friends passing. Michelle Williams and her daughter have nothing to worry about, however. Michelle is an established actress, and Matilda also has the support of her father’s many friends. With Jake serving as a godparent, she has another strong father-figure in her life as well. Jake has maintained a close relationship with Matilda, who is now 14 years old. Would Jake advise Matilda to be part of the show business? Perhaps. But Jake might also highlight that education is critical and advise Matilda to get a degree before deciding on a career.

Tom Hanks is a Typewriter Collector

The American actor is a typewriter collector and counts himself as one of its many enthusiasts. In the age of computers and tablets, it is surprising for some to hold on to the old technology. But, there is a certain appeal to the mechanical way of writing letters, speeches, and manuscripts back then. There is that degree of thoughtfulness and a sense of accomplishment. Such is the case for Tom Hanks who, in 1978, even brought his plastic typewriter to a restorer who refused to repair it. He called it a useless toy and a plastic copy. The restorer oriented him on what a good machine looked like, and sold Tom a Hermes 2000. This was the first among the 100 he now owns.

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